May 17, 2021

Check out our Facebook page for frequent updates!

If you came here looking for the latest information on our group's activities, fret not, we are still very active in the Bordentown community! 

(Blogger is so very mid 2010's 😏) 

Instead, check out our Facebook page for regular updates, including information on the cuties we have available for adoption:

Information on all of the tabs above - including our adoption application and donation portal - is still current and active.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Thank you for your continued support!

-- from all of us at Bordentown City Cats

February 27, 2019

Our Flea Market is Baaaaaack!!!

Bordentown City Cats’ Popular Flea Market & Craft Fair Returns with New & Expanded Line-Up

Bordentown, NJ – Bordentown City Cats’ long-running flea market fundraiser is returning after a two-year hiatus with a new and expanded line-up featuring new and used goods, artisan crafts, cat-centric items and unique vendors.

The popular, local event will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2019, from 8 am to 2 pm, at the Carslake Community Center, located at 207 Crosswicks Street, Bordentown City.   All proceeds from the event will benefit the group’s continuing efforts to rescue, foster, adopt and provide medical treatment to Bordentown’s stray and feral cat population.

“We launched this event back in 2003 to raise funds to support our rescue efforts and it grew in popularity for many years,” said Mak Kieffer, one of the group’s founders.   “We took a brief break the last two years to take stock of people’s changing interests and now we’re back with a revamped line-up that includes some long-running favorites, like our treasure trove of used finds, as well as new additions like artisan crafts, popular cat-centric goods and other unique vendors. The beauty of the event is that all proceeds go to benefit the control of Bordentown’s stray cat population through the humane efforts of an enlightened community.”

Residents, crafters and business owners can get involved with the event in one of two ways:
1)     By renting space to sell new or used goods.  The cost to rent a space is $25.  Anyone interested must contact the group to reserve a space and pay in advance.  Carslake Community Center will be open the night before from 4-7 pm for advance set-up.
2)     By donating old items or baked goods that can be sold with the proceeds going to benefit the group; or by donating gift certificates or items from area businesses that can be auctioned off as prizes.

Anyone interested in renting a space, making a donation to the event, or adopting a cat, should email BCC at 

Among the many efforts that the flea market supports is the fostering and adoption of Bordentown’s homeless cat population, like Bruce Wayne (pictured below).  BCC rescued Bruce from an uncertain fate at the county shelter where he was a shy and frightened boy.  After lots of TLC, he has proven to be a real sweetheart who loves affection and gets along well with other cats. He is approximately two years old, neutered and up-to-date on shots, which means he's ready to go to a fur-ever home today.

March 05, 2018

Broken-Hearted Boys Seeking New Fur-Ever Home

These two adorable guys are seeking a loving, new, forever home together.  Their owner Jean passed away unexpectedly in January and she didn’t have any siblings or children to adopt her cats. 



Principe is 7 years old and Benjamino is 5 years old.  They are both male and have been neutered.  They are healthy, friendly, lovable, and well-behaved young men and are current on their shots.

Will you help give the a happy ending after all they've been through?  If so, please contact us at:  (E)

December 11, 2017

Check out Otis the flirt!

Look who's here! 

Adorable, little Otis is 4 weeks old, sweet and cuddly and playful as can be. He will be looking forward to joining a loving family in a little while as soon as he is old enough to be neutered. Let us know if you're interested by contacting us at: (E)  

November 28, 2017

Can you spare a few dollars to help them find a home for the holidays?

Nothing breaks our hearts more than to see sweet, gentle, loving cats go without a home for the holidays, especially the many that we have in our care right now - some who were cruelly thrown out on the street and others, like poor, brokenhearted Milo here, who lost a loved one...

November 28 is "Giving Tuesday" and we're launching a month-long campaign. Our goal is to make sure every one of our rescues has a home in time for the holidays. Can you spare a few dollars to help fill our Giving Grid

We are an all-volunteer non-profit that relies strictly on donations to help our feline friends find fur-ever homes and we are doing all we can, but...

Did you know our volunteers trudge through snow, sleet and sweltering heat 365 days a year to feed the feral cat colonies throughout Bordentown City?

Did you know we make shelters for all of these colonies and for many residents who care for outdoor cats?
Did you know our volunteers personally foster all of our rescues in their homes and ferry them to and from vet appointments when needed?

All of this costs money and since we are a strictly volunteer-run, non-profit, we rely solely on donations to support our rescue efforts. 

If you're looking for a gift for someone who has it all, donate in their name and we will send them a special thank you! Just leave their name and address in the notes section on PayPal and we will happily send them a letter acknowledging your gift in their name.

Because we are a registered 501c3 organization, your donation is fully tax deductible!

Can you spare a few dollars to make sure no cat is left out in the cold this holiday season?

And can you do us one more favor and please SHARE this online to help support our cause?

November 08, 2017

Will you help heal Milo's broken heart?

Milo came to us about two months ago after suffering a terrible tragedy.  His mother, who adored him, passed away suddenly at home, leaving him alone until friends came to his rescue.  They reached out to us knowing she loved him more than anything and would want them to make sure he was well taken care of. 

This testimonial from Milo's mother's friend says it all...
"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this group (BCC). In my time of need with the passing of one of my closest friends, they allowed me to drop off her cat who was now alone.  
They responded so quickly and a lovely woman named Mindy, left her number. Once we were able to catch this beautiful cat (who was afraid and confused as to what had happened), Mindy welcomed us to her house to drop off our little friend with the knowledge that he would be fostered and not put into a shelter. This alone calmed our already pained hearts. Our friend loved her cat with all of her heart and I know that the only thing she would want in this life is to make sure her son was cared for. 
Thank you so much with all my heart."
                         - David D., Oct. 1, 2017

It's clear that Milo was very heartbroken as it's taken him considerable time to start coming out of his shell, but he has progressed a great deal in recent weeks.  At this point, what this adorable fella needs is the safety and security of a new fur-ever home.  He is six years old, with beautiful, distinct features, and a long life still ahead of him.  If you or someone you know would like to help mend his broken heart, please contact us at:  (E) or (P) 609-500-0608.

November 07, 2017

Help us find Thomasena a new family!

This beautiful little girl was hanging around Thompson Street in Bordentown recently until we rescued her.  She is very friendly so we think she may have belonged to someone at one point but nobody has come forward so we are now looking for a new forever home for her!
She has medium-length fur, is approximately 1-2 years old and is a unique polydactyl, i.e. a Hemingway cat.  

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting beautiful, little Thomasena, please contact us at:  (E) or (P) 609-500-0608.