October 18, 2017

Help us find Thomasina's family!

HELP!!  This beautiful little girl was hanging around Thompson Street in Bordentown since last week until we rescued her.  She is very friendly so we think she could perhaps belong to someone!
She has medium-length fur, is approximately 1-2 years old and is also a polydactyl, i.e. a Hemingway cat.  At the moment she has a painful corneal eye ulcer, but we are giving her meds and she has responded beautifully in just a few days so we hope it will heal fully.   

Now we need your help to see if we can find her family, if she has in fact gone missing from her home.  If she is not claimed, this beautiful girl will be available for adoption. 

If you think you know where she belongs or if you're potentially interested in adopting her, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-500-0608.

October 06, 2017

Miss Cleo Sees YOU in Her Future

Meet Cleo, part of a litter of kittens we rescued this summer from Thompson Street, aka Bordentown's famous Halloween Street...  
At first we weren't sure if they were young enough to be socialized and domesticated but Cleo has come a long way and proven she wants to be a part of someone's home badly.

At four months old now, she is fond of letting you pick her up and pet her.  And her beautiful, Bengal-like markings definitely make her stand out in a crowd.
She is now fully vetted - spayed, vaccinated and microchipped - and ready to move into her forever home.  If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Cleo, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-500-0608.

October 05, 2017

Meet Nickleby & Sparky!

Nickleby & Sparky
Meet Nickleby (black & white) and Sparky (grey & white), two of the sweetest, most adorable brothers we've seen in a long time!  They are approximately 6-8 weeks old and total love bugs.  Two seconds on your lap and you will feel their purring engines at full force.

Ideally, we'd love to see them get adopted together. They should be ready in the next several weeks after they are neutered and fully vaccinated and micro-chipped.  If you or someone you know is interested, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-500-0608.

October 03, 2017

Will you help heal Milo's broken heart?

Milo just came to us after suffering a tragedy.  His mother, who adored him, passed away suddenly at home, leaving him alone until friends came to his rescue.  They reached out to us knowing she loved him more than anything and would want them to make sure he was well taken care of. 

This testimonial from Milo's mother's friend says it all...
"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this group (BCC). In my time of need with the passing of one of my closest friends, they allowed me to drop off her cat who was now alone.  
They responded so quickly and a lovely woman named Mindy, left her number. Once we were able to catch this beautiful cat (who was afraid and confused as to what had happened), Mindy welcomed us to her house to drop off our little friend with the knowledge that he would be fostered and not put into a shelter. This alone calmed our already pained hearts. Our friend loved her cat with all of her heart and I know that the only thing she would want in this life is to make sure her son was cared for. 
Thank you so much with all my heart."
                         - David D., Oct. 1, 2017

Milo is six years old, with beautiful, distinct features, and a long life still ahead of him.  If you or someone you know would like to help mend his broken heart, please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-500-0608.

ADOPTED!! Another BCC Success Story!

UPDATE:  Given how irresistible he is, we're not surprised that Turbo wasn't on the market long.  We're so happy to announce that this adorable little fella has already found his forever home!!


Hold onto your seat because little Turbo is packing some serious cuteness...

This little fella is about 4 weeks old, sweet as can be and active.  Ideally he is looking for a long-term relationship with a friend about the same age, but ultimately he will be happy with any loving home. 

If you or someone you know is interested, he will be ready for adoption in about a month.  Please contact us at:  (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 609-500-0608.

August 24, 2017

ADOPTED!! Another BCC Success Story

Now this is what we like to hear...apparently Tilly and Buffy Saint Marie (gray) are so adorable that they were adopted before we could even begin promoting them!   

Both were saved thanks to the kindness of strangers - one a local resident who found Tilly in the middle of the street and the other our fine police department who rescued Buffy from an abandoned car.  They are now happy and healthy and will be going to their fur-ever home as soon as they are big enough to be spayed.

ADOPTED!! Another BCC Success Story!!

UPDATE:  We are beyond thrilled to announce that after many months Honey Bun has finally found the loving, forever home she deserves!


Meet Honey Bun!  She and three other young cats were recently rescued from behind a local hotel by our volunteers. They have all been spayed/neutered now so this will go a long way towards reducing the area cat population in the long-term.

Honey Bun has proven the most friendly and social right out of the gate. She is a sweet, friendly girl and loves people, however, she does not do well with other cats so she would do best in a household as an "only child." She is fully vetted and spayed now and is estimated to be between 1-3 years old so she has a long life ahead of her. 

If you or someone you know would like to give her a fresh start in a fur-ever home, please contact us at: (E) btowncitycats@gmail.com or (P) 
(609) 500-0608.